How We Began...

The Ohio Jury Management Association (OJMA) developed from a Fellows Class Project of The Ohio State Bar Foundation. The 1998 Fellows Class brought together speakers and experts from across the state and held the first Ohio Jury Service Conference in 1999. In March of 2000, The Ohio Jury Management Association was created.

Our Members

The majority of our members are judges, jury commissioners, bailiffs, court administrators, and other court personnel. The Board of Trustees manages the organization.  Most members are from Ohio, and we have ongoing interest from people throughout the country. 

We hold an annual conference in the spring to update our members from Ohio and other states about pertinent issues in jury management.  This photo is  from a panel discussion on jury  trial security. The meeting is coordinated with The Ohio Judicial College and there is no fee to attend.

Ohio Jury Management Association

"Promoting and Enhancing Jury Service Through Excellent Jury Management"

Recipient of the National Center for State Courts' (NCSC)

2016 G. Thomas Munsterman Award for Jury Innovation!

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