O J M A   Award of Excellence


The Ohio Jury Management Association Trustees created this  annual award to recognize the efforts and accomplishments of individuals and/or organizations who have contributed in an exemplary way to the mission of OJMA to promote and enhance jury service in Ohio. The 2018 Award of Excellence was awarded to the Ohio Supreme Court's Judicial & Education Services Division. W. Milt Nuzum III (left), Dot Keil (middle), and Brian Farrington (right) are pictured here, holding the prestigious award.                                                                   ...See Past Recipients

21st Annual Conference:
juror safety & security

The 21st Annual Ohio Jury Management Conference will be held 

OJMA partners with the Supreme Court of Ohio's Judicial College to

present a one day program focusing upon issues relating to jury management.

The 2019 program is centered around the safety and security of all citizens, including jurors, who will be coming into the Courthouse.  The course will include a discussion of juror security at all stages of the jury process.  Special issues regarding juror privacy and stress will also be explored.  Participants will also have the ability to engage in an interactive session to problem solve and share resources with other court professionals.

There is never a registration fee to attend the conference.  

We hope YOU can attend our 21st Annual Conference in 2019!

SAVE THE DATE: Friday, April 5, 2019