O J M A:   David L. Ballman Award of Excellence


The Ohio Jury Management Association Trustees created this  annual award to recognize the efforts and accomplishments of individuals and/or organizations who have contributed in an exemplary way to the mission of OJMA to promote and enhance jury service in Ohio. The David L. Ballmann Award of Excellence was renamed in honor of it's 2022 recipient David Ballmann.                                                                   ...See Past Recipients

24th Annual Conference:



The 24TH Annual Conference will take place on April 28, 2023.  The 2023 program will  focus on what can staff do to improve the juror experience.  The program will cover High Profile Cases from the Juror Perspective, Managing the Juror Experience before, during, & after service, juror accomodations.  There will also be a group discussion on how courts can respond to the needs of jurors.

There is never a registration fee to attend the conference.  

We hope you can attend our 24th Annual Conference in 2023!

See Below for photos from the 2019 Conference